JTAPI Provider cannot list the ipad jabber address

Discussion created by Simon_New1 on May 16, 2015
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Hi all,


The provider cannot list the addresses for ipad jabber clients in sandbox. the Provider.getAddresses() method only returns 5 items (desktop jabber clients).


As the "Pre-Provisioned User and Device Info" of the , there are 20 pre-define users and addresses. But in my test code or in the Cisco JTAPI Test Tool, only 5 addresses and devices (device type for "Jabber for Win/MAC", device name has "CSFuser" pattern) are showed/got, other jabber addresses/devices for ipad/android/iphone are not listed.


all the above pre-Provisioned devices are under the control of the application user (which I used).


Any suggestion/comment is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.