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Finesse and Pivotal CRM Integration

Question asked by panjwani80 on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by ewindgat

Hi All,


I have got a new UCCX deployment with Finesse where customer wants CRM screen pop up of customer record based on ANI match so:


1) How do I pass the calller id from UCCX/Finesse to Pivotal CRM.

2) Pivotal team is saying once they receive the ANI they need to know which PC to pop up a screen on. However, given that Finesse is browser based how do we identify the PC?


Initially 2Ring was involved for this integration but it was too expensive so customer doesn't want to go that route


I have provided Pivotal team Finesse API dev guide. Can someone from Cisco please comments on what steps are required to achieve this type of CRM integration?