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Authenticating agent for agent mode - is logging obligatory?

Question asked by urszula.dziurzynska on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by ewindgat

I'm writing a client program for UCCX.

I need to connect to UCCX and catch some events and serve them.


I succesfully connected through Open_Req, then I logged in as agent (Set_Agent_State_Req - with agentId, password, extension with state for logging in). And then I was able to catch events from contact center.


But I'm, thinking of situation when an agent is already logged in when I call Open_Req. I can  recognize this moment by checking agent state with Query_Agent_State_Req. Lets assume agent is logged in and ready to work (status Ready).


When (after Open_Req and Open_Conf) I don't call Set_Agent_State_Req I  am also not noticed of any changes with this agent - especially I am not noticed about incomming call or outgoing call.

But when I force logging one more time (I call Set_Agent_State_Req with ForcedFlag = 1) everythinh seems to work correctly.


I also tried to call Set_Agent_State_Req with ForcedFlag=2 (and "unknown" agentInstrument and state = AGENT_STATE_LOGIN)  - as documentation says it is for authentication only without agent state change - but then I still don't get any notifications of incomming/outgoing calls.


What I did wrong?

Is it possible to leave agent logged in and start my client program to get notifications of my agent actions?