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CALL_DELIVERED_EVENT (or other) - how to recognize a line

Question asked by urszula.dziurzynska on May 14, 2015
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I succesfully connected to UCCX in agent mode.


I can handle events thrown in different moments of a call, however my task is to recognize a line number. I mean a client is calling to our UCCX using a specific line (as a line I understand a specific phone number - there are many lines) and a Contact Center forwards this call to an agent (who is in Ready state). An agent accepts/answers a call and a call is established (call_established_event). I would like to recognize this line number.


I am not a UCCX administrator, so I may have used wrong nomenclature - if so, I'm sorry.


First time I notice an event concerning a call it is a call_delivered_event meaning my phone is alerting. I was able to extract some data, but I cannot see a line number anywhere. I also saw through other events, but I have no idea how to extract a line number.


These are data I extracted:




    SecondaryCallId = 16779267



    CSQID = 0


    CalledDeviceId = 1002

    CallingDeviceId = [a client phone number]

    AlertingDeviceId = 1002

    ConnectionDeviceId = 1002

    LastRedirectDeviceId =

    ApplicationId = 0

    CallerEnteredDigits =    

    CallWrapupData =

    LocalConnectionState = LCS_ALERTING

    EventCause = CEC_NEW_CALL

    CallVariable1 =

    CallVariable2 =

    CallVariable3 =

    CallVariable4 =

    CallVariable5 =

    CallVariable6 =

    CallVariable7 =

    CallVariable8 =

    CallVariable9 =

    CallVariable10 =

    NumNamedArrays = 0

    NumNamedVariables = 0


Line number should be 401 here.


I connected to contact center throug Open_Req setting agent mode (CTI_SERVICE_CLIENT_EVENTS + CTI_SERVICE_CLIENT_CONTROL), protocol version 14. Next I logged in as an agent using set_agent_state_req, changed a state to ready and then I was waiting for a call.

UCCX server is in version


I will be gracefull for help.