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Cisco Finesse - Not Ready for Chat and Email - Grayed in some browsers

Question asked by cvanitterbeeck on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by ewindgat

Dear all,


I'm having a small issue concerning the Cisco Finesse on UCCX 10.6.1.


Problem description:

The "Not Ready for Chat and Email" dropdown stays gray on some computers and is perfectly working on others.


I'm using the same userid on all the machines to test, so this is not related to the configuration of the user/finesse.


The browser is firefox, same version on all computers. Java is v8 update 25 & 45.


This is working on one computer but not systematically on all the computers, so I'm searching what can be the impact of any third party component blocking that? (Standard Telephony is working perfectly Ready-Not Ready on all the computers though).


Any clue would be more than appreciated.