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StreamNotification doubts

Question asked by oriol.corominas on May 6, 2015
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We are subscribed to a CMX Cisco which we receive data with this format:



  "StreamingNotification": {

    "subscriptionName": <STRING>,

    "entity": <STRING>,

    "deviceId": <STRING>,

    "mseUdi": <STRING>,

    "floorRefId": <NUMBER>,

    "location": {

      "macAddress": <STRING>,

      "currentlyTracked": <BOOLEAN>,

      "confidenceFactor": <NUMBER>,

      "ipAddress": [



      "ssId": <STRING>,

      "band": <STRING>,

      "apMacAddress": <STRING>,

      "dot11Status": <STRING>,

      "guestUser": <BOOLEAN>,

      "MapInfo": {

        "mapHierarchyString": <STRING>,

        "floorRefId": <NUMBER>,

        "Dimension": {

          "length": <NUMBER>,

          "width": <NUMBER>,

          "height": <NUMBER>,

          "offsetX": <NUMBER>,

          "offsetY": <NUMBER>,

          "unit": <STRING>


        "Image": {

          "imageName": <STRING>



      "MapCoordinate": {

        "x": <NUMBER>,

        "y": <NUMBER>,

        "unit": <STRING>


      "Statistics": {

        "currentServerTime": <DATE_TIME_STRING>,

        "firstLocatedTime": <DATE_TIME_STRING>,

        "lastLocatedTime": <DATE_TIME_STRING>


      "GeoCoordinate": {

        "latitude": <NUMBER>,

        "longitude": <NUMBER>,

        "unit": <STRING>



    "timestamp": <DATE_TIME_STRING>




Where can we find the documentation with the explanation of each field? Concretly we are interested in know what field is the data capture time of the device. Analyzing the data we have discarded the timestamp field. We doubt between the fields currentServerTime and lastLocatedTime.