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    Cannot access Shared Endpoint Lab


      I am trying to get started using the Jabber SDK but I'm having a lot of problems getting a server set up. I followed the instructions here:



      However, I cannot see any Shared Endpoint Labs. I tried searching the full labs listing, etc. I also reserved a Collaboration 9.1 lab, but did not see any of the Jabber commands referenced in the above PDF. I noticed that when I refresh my browser the number of labs available to me seems to change.


      Could somebody help me understand how to get started? Thanks!

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          Hello Brad,


          No worries about the duplicate, I have responded to both threads.Thanks for the question! There have been some recent upgrades and it seems that this documentation has not been updated. Try searching instead for the "UC Endpoint Lab" as the name of the lab has been changed.


          Thanks for providing the link, we will have the documentation updated!