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Using UCSD to provision a CentOS VM

Question asked by tony.tfng on Apr 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by amerzec2015

Hi, I would like ask a question about provising a CentOS VM from template.


I've prepare a CentOS 6.5 template, with GUI, with user "admin" without password, and user "root" with password.

Unlike configuring VMware system policy for Windows, there are no option for me to provide any username or password. Therefore when I create a service request, it will create the VM, power it up and then stun on login page. UCSD can't login the and continue configuration. The log shows "Waiting for network status of VM" many times and finally the VM will be created without configuring IP for it.


If I open the VM console during UCSD trying to configure networking for the VM, it can configure the networking and assigned IP fo it.


May I know the way to do it automatically? Thanks.

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