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    How to Connect to CISCO Sandbox Devenet



      I am trying to access Jabber Guest sandbox lab, I reserved lab to use, i received three emails after getting reservation. In third email i was given a URL and username/password credentials. I opened that page and logged-in to that page, there was a link for opening tunnel connection. I clicked that link and another page opened for getting CISCO Any Connect. I already have an installation of Cisco AnyConnect. Now I don't know that which IP to use for connecting to VPN via Any Connect. Kindly guide me how to connect with VPN and access Sandbox machines using RDP.


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          Hi There,


          If you already have anyconnect, that is great!


          You can simply cut and paste the URL(from the third email) into anyconnect, and use the credentials provided in the same email.



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            Thank you Travis.

            With your suggestion i am able to connect to VPN tunnel via Cisco AnyConnect.

            I am actually using the Jabber Guest Lab. I am able to trigger the remote desktop connection for the Win App Server Machine.

            But when I enter the credentials they are not accepted. I also updated the user name, but had no affect on the situation.

            I am providing credentials for RD client as follows:

            User Name : hostname\LoginUser

            Password : LoginPassword

            I have also tried to enter User Name without hostname, but every time i get invalid credentials error.

            What could possibly be wrong here?