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    Sandbox Service Restored!


      Dear Sandbox Users,


      Over the weekend we preformed a major infrastructure upgrade to the Sandbox. We covered testing and debugging the new system, but some small issues may be present. If any issues are found, please reply to this thread so we may quickly diagnose and repair the issue.


      We appreciate help from our users, and apologize for any inconveniences!



      The Sandbox Team

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          Hi Sandbox Team,


          when I logined the UCM admin console, there is following messages:

            The system is operating with an insufficient number of licenses. Configure additional licenses in your Cisco Prime License Manager in order to restore the ability to provision users and devices.


          and I cannot login the Jabber client, error message on jabber is "Cannot find your services automatically. Click advanced settings to set up mannually". I found that there is no "Pre-Provisioned" User and Device. When I create a new user, error message "Add failed. The system has exceeded its time limit to resolve license non-compliance issue. No more provisioning operations are allowed until the license compliance issues are resolved."


          Could you help on that?

          I reserved the lab is rave02. and my registered name is iamjackbob




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            Hello Simon,


            Thanks for the reply! Could you please specify which lab you were using?