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Finesse and Pega CRM integration

Question asked by shirpati on Apr 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by ewindgat

Hello Team,


If you can please help on the below query,



My customer is planning to use PEGA CRM for their agent desktop application.




There are 2 types of integration




  • PEGA talks directly to CTI server  and this is the preferred method which PEGA is suggesting, however there is limit of 7 All Event client connection for CTISvr and we already hitting the limit.

  • PEGA talks to UCCE via Finesse API.




Is there a slide or any document on the PROS and Cons of integrating CRM via Finesse or directly with CTI.


Any advantages of using Finesse API over directly connecting to CTI Server ?


What should be preferred integration method ?