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Is it possible to share One VDC among multiple groups

Question asked by on Apr 14, 2015
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Here is the scenario.


Customer has multiple Clients with 1 to 3 VMs dedicated to each Client, in a SaaS type situation. The Client does not have access to the VM per se, but is only able to access the applications running in the VM (i.e no UCSD access).


This customer has the following requirements :

1. Ability to deploy Web server VMs and SQL VMs in different Clusters (Resource Pools)

2. Ability to get show back reports based on VMs dedicated to the Client

3. Support around 400+ Clients


Customer wants to :

1. Create a separate Group for each Client to track usage.

2. Deploy only ONE VDC, and all Client VMs must reside in this VDC.

3. Show back reports based on Group and VM

2. Configure the catalogs to deploy VMs to different ResourcePools based on application type


Is this possible ? If so how should the Group / VDC relationship be structured ?

Will the "Group Share Policy" help in any way ?

Will a custom workflow meet the requirement ? If so what should it do ?


Thanks for reading, any help would be much appreciated.

- Shyam