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Question asked by ahochau on Apr 3, 2015
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A "helpful" contrator built the CUCM environment.  When they were done they went in and enabled password complexity and expired the service account password.  I know I can use the set password admin to change the os admin password, but I am not sure that is the account I am using.  So, what I am looking for is a way to list the users configured for platform administration, and then how to reset the password for the user I have logged in with.  The only way I have found to change a user password in the past is to delete and re-create the account.  I've checked the CLI Admin guide, will look again.




Tried "show account" as that works on 8.6, but not so lucky on 10.5




admin:show account



Executed command unsuccessfully

Incomplete command entered

admin:show account

admin:show accountlocking  ?


show accountlocking

no parameters are required



admin:show account


      show Login*

      show accountlocking

      show cert*