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Consult Call asking for authentication

Question asked by patrickcurley on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by patrickcurley

I am working on a Finesse gadget to do a consult call.  When I execute the consult I get an HTTP 200 back but it says "This request requires authentication" and nothing happens.


Use case;

1.  An agent makes a call and the customer answers.

2.  The agent then clicks on a button which calls the ExecuteConsultCall() method.



Here is a code snippet:


  var m_dialog;

  function ExecuteConsultCall()  {

       var callNumber = "916125551212";

       var ext = user.getExtension();

       console.log( "Transfer-Call to: " + callNumber);

       console.log( "Extension: " + ext);

       m_dialog.makeConsultCall(ext, callNumber, consultHandler);



    handleDialogsLoaded = function(dialogs) {

        dialogCollection = dialogs.getCollection();

        for (var dialogId in dialogCollection) {

            if (dialogCollection.hasOwnProperty(dialogId)) {

                 m_dialog = dialogCollection[dialogId];






    handleUserLoad = function (userevent) {

        dialogs = user.getDialogs( {

        onCollectionAdd : handleNewDialog,

            onCollectionDelete : handleEndDialog,

            onLoad : handleDialogsLoaded





Any ideas why I am getting an authentication error?




Patrick Curley