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ESXi on SD cards in RAID1 array on UCS C220M3

Question asked by j.alexander on Mar 20, 2015
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Hello, our organization has been running 2 ucs c220m3 servers with ESXi on 2 mirrored SD cards for almost a year now without any major issues.  We recently came across Cisco's Testing Reference Configuration document, which states that Cisco does not support ESXi running on the SD cards, only on the SAN or DAS.  However, we have heard that there are Cisco customers running ESXi on SD cards with no local drives and VM's on their SAN with no issues.  Does anyone know if Cisco has revised their TRC stance and now supports and/or has tested ESXi running on the SD cards?  We were wondering about any customers in a Blade server environment as well?  Can anyone explain if there are any drawbacks to leveraging the SD cards for this purpose?  Here is the article, not sure the last time this was updated.  Thank you for any advice or help.




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