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Using Call Recording Profile on CUCM to redirect call to recording server

Question asked by bosko.popov on Mar 16, 2015
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We develop a recording server in our company. We have CUCM as the base for our VoIP infrastructure and another server where we will make the recording.

We have configured Call Recording profile on the CUCM to redirect calls to the recording server. We made some test and collected SIP messages . We try to get information from SIP messages but  can’t find correct Caller party Number and Called party number.

Here are two scenarios :


  1. 1.CallerPartyNumber is 2920, CalledPartyNumber is 9075521956


SIP->Message Header->From: "Antonie Zafirov" <sip:2920@;x-nearend;x-refci=53701918;x-nearenddevice=CSFANTONIEZ;x-farendrefci=53701919;x-farenddevice=;x-farendaddr=9075521956>;tag=1956042~b427bb50-23c0-4412-a63b-b141ffc498d3-53701923


  1. CallerPartyNumber is 9075521956, CalledPartyNumber is 2920


SIP->Message Header->From: "Antonie Zafirov" <sip:2920@;x-farend;x-refci=20169130;x-nearenddevice=CSFANTONIEZ;x-farendrefci=20169127;x-farenddevice=;x-farendaddr=9075521956>;tag=1229629~b427bb50-23c0-4412-a63b-b141ffc498d3-20169138


This traces are taken form the recording server

In both cases field To is:

SIP->Message Header->To: sip:2776@

Where is address of recording server and 2776 is Route Pattern to the recording server


Problem is that we don’t have information how to get who initiate the call and who receives the call.


We need a suggestion how to get that information?

Which protocol/interface/api to use about that?

Maybe some example who will help us?