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Why do MSE API clients dissapear?

Question asked by wirelessua on Mar 16, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2015 by pwalawal

When we query the MSE API with https://IP_MSE/api/contextaware/v1/location/clients/

we lack devices.


We have some devices that appear in PRIME and MSE API in the url


Although these devices stay in the same location all the time they disappear from MSE API but they do not from PRIME, WLC.



A device is in the same place for 4 hours.

When we query mse  API we can see it for two hours and after two hours it does not longer appear in  MSE API

although you can see it in PRIME and WLC.


We also have devices that never appear in MSE APIbut they are in PRIME.


Of course, we know that devices will not  appear instantly on MSE API, but sometimes they never appear.