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How do I fetch a custom ECC within a 3rd party gadget?

Question asked by ccrossland on Mar 4, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2015 by stuartrwalker

So I read through the documents and I am fairly sure the function I want is getMediaProperties().

I know something like :




will fetch me CV10. So lets assume a custom variable named user.WakkaWakka was defined. And we know it works because the test string we defined in the script editor is showing up in that fancy CallControl gadget. So my first instinct is to use something like :




but no luck, I tested that the hand off between the xml and the js was good by putting a callVariable in the place of user.WakkaWakka and that was fine, so I know the issue is in the initial grab from the dialog and obviously I'm not doing it right.


So, how do I fetch a custom ECC from within a 3rd party gadget using javascript without jumping through some insane hoops?