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Question asked by on Mar 4, 2015
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I have an audio recording solution that records all the phones in a CUCM using built-in-bridge via SIP Trunk route point. I now need a data collection mechanism for value added meta data such as CTI Events and ACD Data. I would like to be notified of Call/Phone CTI Events such as "Alerting", "Active", "Held", "Retrieved", "Transfer", "Conference", "Disconnect". I would also like to receive more meta data than whats in the SIP INVITE / NOTIFY packets from the recorder. I would like to know what VDN handled the call, what Skill or ACD Queue it routed via ACD to get to the agent, amongst various other data that may be available.


The solution needs to be a single service that can subscribe (if that's the proper terminology) to events from many different devices. This is not a desktop app, this is not a softphone, this is not a one-to-one. This needs to be a one-to-many concept whereby a single service running on a single server, receives events for many different devices. Yes, it could be more than one service on more than one server for load balancing, failover and redundancy but you get the idea. A service based approach for all devices is required.


I've done some research and realize there are 2 potential avenues to investigate, TAPI and CTIOS? Please advise on the best method of approach and where to download the development kits for CUCM 10.5. Seems the last known MEDIA KIT for CTIOS is outdated. Per the devnet webpage for CTIOS it says "Customers and partners should order CTIOS by ordering the NFR Media kit CCEH-MEDIA80-K9 through their sales team". This SKU no longer exists, looks like its an CUCM8.x SKU.

See this page: Getting Started - Cisco CTIOS where they reference the SKU.


Thank you.