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Injecting Bash Scripts into VM's Using VIX

Question asked by on Feb 25, 2015
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I'm trying to create a custom workflow to run a bash script inside a linux host using the Execute VIX Script task and I have a few questions.  I am staring with something simple, just a script to echo hostname to a file in th machines tmp directory.  This is the contents of the script pane:



hostname >> /tmp/UCSD_script_results


The script will "successfully" complete if I just type in "hostname" in the script without the redirect to the file, however when I include the redirects, it takes forever to complete and then it eventually says that it was successful, but the file with the results is never created.


First, is this the proper way to try and run a bash script on a VM through UCSD?  I'm thinking about this in the traditional methods of creating a bash script as a file on a local disk and then executing it, so not sure if I am missing something here.


Second, is there a way to capture the terminal output of the script and log them to the workflow log?  It would be very helpful in debugging script errors and whatnot if those results were available.


Lastly, is there any documentation regarding what characters can be entered into the script pane without needing to escape them and which need to be preceded by an escape character (which is "\" correct?)