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SSH access provisioning

Question asked by ucsbhtelecom on Feb 14, 2015

Hello everyone,


I am working on implementing private cloud service with UCSD on top of VMware, and I would like to ask for few things:


1. I need to allow users who create service requests for VM to be able to SSH to their machine as soon as provisioning workflows are complete. Do I need to integrate additional workflow steps for configuring SSH or should I share with them SSH credentials as defined while creating VMWare template OS images (for catalog)? I would like to know about how did you automate this and also how did you implement notification to the user that VM provisioning is complete?


2. I have defined VMWare Network policy, and I was wondering if I still need to configure "Network Provisioning policies". It would allow me to allow/disallow external TCP/UDP connections for specific protocols like FTP, SSH etc...?


Kind Regards