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MediaSense AgentInfo gadget

Question asked by ivan.karagodine on Jan 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by ciscoratheeshkumarm


Cisco MediaSense v10.5(1)_SU1 as one of new features listed AgentInfo gadget. In Mediasense user guide it says: " The gadget is configured on the Finesse Agent desktop and can be hosted on both primary and secondary MediaSense nodes... When an agent signs in to the Finesse desktop with valid Finesse credentials, the gadget signs in to the MediaSense server."  Unfortunately, that's all information about the location of the gadget. Cisco Finesse doesn't have anything about AgentInfo.xml and default Desktop Layout does not list the gadget. That is different from SearchAndPlay gadget (<gadget>https://<mediasense_server>:8440/ora/gadget/MediaSenseGadget.xml</gadget>).  I tried  pointing  AgentInfo gadget url to the same location as MediaSenseGadget.xml but getting 404 error. Where is AgentInfo and how to configure it on Finesse ?