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CTI OS Software Development Kit 7.0 keep displaying previous wrap-up codes window

Question asked by abdulwahe on Dec 22, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2015 by shannonmccoy

Hello Experts, I am trying to explore Cisco CTI OS SDK 7.0 for .Net. I copied source code of .Net application from installation path of CTI OS client by following directory e.g. \CTIOS Client\CTIOS Toolkit\dotNet CIL\Samples\CTI Toolkit Combo Desktop.NET


Project is running at my machine without throwing any error and I verified functionality by making few test calls. Only problem which I faced is related to Wrapup Form window.

While landing calls from different skills (sales, services, complaints) I observed that CTIOSSoftphoneCSharp application keep showing previous window of WrapupForm. Which is problematic for me, actually I have a requirement to filter wrap-codes against different skills. To achieve this I have implemented few custom filters on 'WrapupForm_Load' method of 'WrapupForm' class to display only relevant codes against each call.


Is this the right approach? if yes then how I can command application to load WrapupForm against every call. The end goal is to filter wrap-up codes against different prefixes. Thank you in advance