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Issue with Gadget Update in Finesse 10.0(1) on UCCX

Question asked by absaar.javed on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2014 by absaar.javed

I have a gadget which has it's files hosted on IIS. On the first time when i placed the gadget in finesse desktop it worked fine.

After that I made some changes in the gadget, and restrated IIS, logged out of finesse and then logged into finesse, but the changes were not reflected in the finesse desktop. It took almost 1 hour when finally changes were reflected. I made some other changes in the gadget, they again took 1 more hour to reflect.

To check the issue I turned IIS of, I could still see the gadget, where there is no actual access to the gadget. I am stuck with this and unable to hunt down the issue. kindly someone guide please to hunt down and resolve this problem.