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Browser Engage removed in MSE v8?

Question asked by Ideal-Networks on Dec 9, 2014
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Apologies if this is not the right forum but nearest I could find.


The config guide  for MSE 8 at Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences Configuration Guide, Release 8.0 - Mobility Services Engine Admin User Interface [C… state:

"Connect and Engage Service—Formerly known as Browser Engage Service. The CMX Connect and Engage service provides connect, a guest Wi-Fi on-boarding solution, zone, and message configuration for the CMX Software Development Kit (SDK). "


Does this mean the old Browser Engage - as the ability to inject banners etc into user's browsers, as described in Create Mobile Web Campaigns with CMX Browser Engage - has been removed in the latest version of MSE? If not, could someone be kind enough to point me towards the config for it?

Thanks for the clarification