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Receiving notifications while user is online

Question asked by stephan.steiner on Dec 8, 2014
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I'm in the design stage for my first Finesse project and reading the developer guide has me worried.

On page 13, in the Pidgin section, the guide states


"You cannot be signed in to Pidgin at the same time you are signed in to Finesse as the XMPP event feed

is disrupted."


Yet, on page 4, there's a graph "Finess API and Event Flow" that shows a system where there's a browser based client and a server based client that seem to be running concurrently.


What I'm trying to do is have a server side application that monitors agents for their state, and do something with that information. All my agents should of course be able to work normally.. my server application must not interrupt any standard behavior.


So.. is that even doable given the note on Pidgin? XMPP is after all the only way to get notifications from the notification service, but if using XMPP interrupts the BOSH eventing to the browser based client, then the XMPP notification service is useless to me.