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MSE Location API - Paging and IP switching

Question asked by slyutskanov on Dec 3, 2014
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I have the following problem:
1. I request with a few days range
2. Got a response which holds 5000 entries for page 1 of 50 pages
3. The response has "nextResourceURI" that should serve page 2 at -

4. If I call this URI directly I get 404, if I change the IP only to the old resource ip ( it works but seems to return some out of range results (might be random results).


Note: the request could be returned in 1 page all records are inside that range


1) How should I handle the described workflow to get proper results? Could the problem be related to any of the following properties? (from jersey REST client)

client.register(basicAuthFeature).property(ClientProperties.FOLLOW_REDIRECTS, true)

  .property(ClientProperties.CONNECT_TIMEOUT, 0)

  .property(ClientProperties.READ_TIMEOUT, 0);


2) The default pagesize is 5000. I usually wait ~1/2 minutes to get the response back. If I increase the pageSize could I expect the same response time and achieve some better performance overall when I have many pages to read. Also what is the maximum pageSize then?


Thanks in advance!