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Difference in Finesse 9.1.1 and 10.x JavaScript Libraries

Question asked by absaar.javed on Nov 28, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2014 by golmsted


In finesse 9.1.1 we access agent's info using JavaScript library i.e. finesse.js, as follows:

  • user.getFirstName() => agent's first name
  • user.getLastName() => agent's last name
  • user.getId()             => agent's Id
  • user.getExtension() => agents extension
  • util.getCredentials(_prefs.getString("authorization")) => agent's authorization string

And the dialog info as follows:

  • dialog.getFromAddress() => new call's ANI
  • dialog.getParticipants()     => get participants list in a dialog
  • dialog.getMediaProperties() => get media properties call variables list etc

Does any of the above methods have been changed or removed from the javascript library of finesse 10.x, or they still exist and

can be consumed in the same way as mentioned above?