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Which port to use from mobile client for accessing MAS api

Question asked by ramprasathv on Nov 25, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2014 by abhisbha


We have configured CMX setup and are accessing api through CMX.framework from an iOS application.


For registration, we initially tried to access using following URL(cmx-cloud-server/api/cmxmobile/v1/venues/info/) which is used by the framework and we used port 8085 (SDK service port) but we got 404 error.


Then looking at the MAS, we changed the URL to (cmx-cloud-server-sdk/api/cmxmobileserver/v1/venues/info/) which worked from browser. However SDK uses a different URL(/cmx-cloud-server/api/cmxmobile/v1/venues/info/) as mentioned above.


So we tried changing the port to 8082 (server port) and the registration was successful using SDK with no other changes from our side.


Since there are different ports, which port do we have to use for using the apis from iOS device and what is the difference between ports?