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    Short term access to a UCCE Sandbox?


      For a new development project, I need to use the Finesse Web API. So, I need access to a test lab of UCCX or UCCE. UCCX is not yet available and since I need to do call control related calls, I need a dedicated sandbox.

      So I decided to 'reserve' dedicated UCCE Sandbox. But, reserving  an UCCE Sandbox, the first available time slot is March 6, 2015. My project should already be completed by then, so that’s not an option.


      Can you please share me the options to get access to a test lab on a shorter term? Thanks for your responses!

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          Hi Joost,


          Our Contact Center Enterprise lab with Finesse is booked and in use at the moment. We do have an intermittent scheduling issue which returns an incorrect date when the lab is next available.


          Please let me know what your timeframe is and we can see can you be accommodated. The CC lab is dedicated so its is necessary to wait until it is available. How long do you need access and when?



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            Hello Joe,


            Thanks a lot for quick reply. It's a big relief that there are options to get early access to the Sandbox.


            I need to have a Sandbox on a short term to see if it meets our requirements, so I can decide that this is the way to go in our development phase. For example, one day somewhere this week (9AM - 5PM Central European Time).


            Actual development is now scheduled for mid December. Don't have a fixed date for that phase. I hope that the scheduling issue is resolved by then so we can schedule ourselves?




            Joost Went