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WorkflowScreenPop Enhancement to Manage tabs

Question asked by jsteinberg on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by Filip.Olsen

I've been trying to tweak the 10.5 WorkflowScreenPop example but not having much luck.


The current behavior of the gadget is to create a tab based on the Window Name of the workflow screen pop.   This means that for all screenpops triggered by the same workflow, the same tab is reused.


The agents do not want to reuse tabs, because they may need to wrap up the data about the previous call after the next call rings in.


I would like to see if we can pop a new tab for each workflow event, then have an 'X' or 'close' button on the tab for the agent to manage/close tabs when they are no longer needed.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the changes to make this happen or any other way to accomplish this?   Screenpopping into the same tab just won't work in my current requirement.