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    Where is the email with connection details?


      I started a new sandbox last Friday (its now Monday) and I can see the sandbox and the devices inside it but I have yet to receive the email informing me how to connect to it?


      What do I do?


      The "Reservation Instructions" state:


           3) You will receive an email when the lab is being initialized and then a email when it is ready containing access information.


           4) Connect to and enter the user credentials provided to in the email to download the VPN client and connect to the Sandbox.

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          Hi Dan,


          I have checked the email functionality today and it is working ok. There is a command window at the bottom of the shared endpoint topology page. The email information is also output here.

          Can you retry the device registration again and check the command screen?



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            hmmmm. I'm a little too new to the sandboxes to know what that means. I probably need assistance at a beginner level. I registered a sandbox and see it live and now have no idea what to do to make use of it.


            I was assuming I'd get an email that would allow me to make a VPN connection and then SSH or RDP into the servers. Then of course I would need to understand how to add an actual phone to drive test calls. It looks like in the instructions we can use a softphone or a hard phone.


                 Where do I get the softphone client.

                 What is the extension number.

                 What is the outside inward dial number to the CUCM.

                 Do I have to create vectors, skills, queues, agents etc.


            Any suggestions for a higher level staring point?