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Call Variables Layout per team ?

Question asked by oksiazek on Nov 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2016 by goweemae

Hi ,



I have may be a silly question but as it is my first deployment of Finesse , I prefer to ask because I don't find anything about that in the documentation.


In my UCCX deployment , I have several script for different applications , so in some I can use Call Variables in order to send informations on the display of the agent and it is working fine but my issue is that for agents which are using another script so without any Call Variables as Finesse is using the Call Variables in the default Layout . So all field are presented to agents .


Previously with CAD , you have the opportunity to define Layout per team and then in that case you can specify the Call Variables that you want to use and define the one that you want to use per application/team .


How can we define a layout per team for the Call Variable ? like in CAD ?


Many thanks