Caller ID and Call Forwarding

Discussion created by cplatt01 on Sep 1, 2009
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I have a user who wants to forward his phone to his cell phone.  Normally this would be no problem.


Basically this is the scenario:


User A has an phone number of  555-555-1234

User A forwards his IP Phone to 555-555-1212.


When User B 555-555-9876 calls User A at 555-1234, the caller ID on User A's cell phone is displayed as 555-555-1234.


Is there anyway for this display the User B caller ID (555-9876) on User A's cell phone, rather than User A's number 555-1234?


I do not think it is possible when transferring off-net, as User A is the one technically placing the call.  I am using the external phone mask on all route patterns.


Current Set up:

Call Manager 6.1.2

ISDN E1 PRI on a 3800 MGCP gateway

The provider has confirmed that Caller ID is being passed


Thanks for any help!