Endpoint Lab vs Dedicated lab

Discussion created by jokearns on Oct 30, 2014

Hey Sandbox Users,


In an effort to make sure that we accommodate your sandbox requests as efficiently as possible, it good to clarify the difference between the Endpoint lab (shared) and the dedicated collaboration labs. In many occasions, a dedicated lab is selected when the endpoint lab is adequate for the users testing


Endpoint lab:


Dynamically create the following devices and remotely register them:


  • DX650
  • IP communicator
  • Jabber for IPad
  • Jabber for IPhone
  • Jabber for Android
  • Jabber for Windows/Mac
  • Jabber SDK sample app


These are created using automated scripts and the details (along with VPN access details) are sent to the user. The user does not have admin access to the servers within the lab

The endpoint lab can be prefect for simple endpoint testing/integration with Voice Video IM and presence. Access to the lab is also instant. Users that require hardware IP phones on their side can integrate with the Endpoint lab through a hardware VPN router.


Dedicated Lab


In the collaboration category, we have the following dedicated labs


  • Collaboration 10.5
  • Collaboration 9.1
  • Jabber Guest
  • MediaSense
  • Contact Center Enterprise


These labs are booked through the Sandbox portal. Each lab is cloned from clean base images and deleted when the reservation is completed. One User  - One Lab policy applies. Users have complete admin access to the servers in the each lab.


Due to the resource heavy nature of dedicated lab, it may not always be possible to get a lab exactly when you need it. It may already be booked out by another user.


If you have any questions about what lab to choose, respond to this entry with your testing requirements and we can help out.




Sandbox Team