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    VIRL physical machine requirements and performances



      I am thinking about purshasing a refurbished physical server for VIRL, but I have a couple of questions.


      Here are the requirements provided on http://virl-dev-innovate.cisco.com/ :

      • Four CPU cores and 8GB of DRAM, more resources allows for larger simulations
      • Intel VT-x / EPT or AMD-V / RVI virtualization extensions present and enabled in the BIOS
      • Directly on VMware Fusion, Workstation or Player also on ESXi 5.1U2 (Build 1483097) or ESXi 5.5U1 (Build 1623387)

      Cannot find clear answer to these quastions:

      • Will a CPU with VT-x feature, but not EPT, make the deal? (or CPU with AMD-V but not RVI)
      • From http://virl-dev-innovate.cisco.com/, I cannot find inf. about performance: How many IOSv, IOS XRv, NX-OSv, CSR1000v we can start in the same time?
      • At what extend can we prepare CCNA/CCNP DC or eventually CCIE DC with NX-OSv on VIRL?


      Please let me know If I can forward these questions to more apropriate forum or maybe VIRL product manager.



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          Hi AJ

          Request to refer this pdf  for related information.



          What are the system requirements for Cisco Modeling Labs?

          The Cisco Modeling Labs Server Corporate Edition requires a minimum of 16 GB and 4 CPU cores in a Linux server with VMware ESXi 5.1, or above, software. To take advantage of the scalability of the corporate edition, the Cisco Unified Computing System(Cisco UCS®) C220 M3 Rack Server (16-core CPU, 128 GB) is recommended for up to 40 virtual nodes, and the Cisco UCS C460 (40-core CPU, 256 GB) is recommended for more virtual-node simulations. The customer can choose to deploy with hardware other than the Cisco UCS; however, the performance of other brands of servers may not be the same as Cisco UCS.


          Thanks and Regards,


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            Thanks Geevarghese for the information,

            Though I have been answered, I must say I am very disappointed by Cisco response.

            The corporate CML looks very interesting, but not VIRL at least the way it is presented to the community. I was expecting something more from Cisco to its community than that :

            ...without any formal usability support but rather community support. It does not provide patches for known problems

            , no roadmap for future features, or training...

            And almost ~$10,000 for the recommended CML HW: UCS C460 (40 core CPU, 256 GB).

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              Hi AJ,

              With all my respects you have very good questions but you had vague answers.

              It is very much appreciated an answer that is clear and direct to the point.

              I want to take this reply opportunity to ask another question.

                   What if I want to use a LAPTOP to run the Cisco modeling application. What is the minimum requirement for a LAPTOP to run VIRL application? Is that am i5 3500 series or an i5 2600 series?  Please provide no vague answers.


              Please be specific.

              Thank you.


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                To be honest, I am also confused what Laptop i should be having.  I am currently waiting for this Laptop:



                20E2CTO1WWThinkPad W550s


                - Intel Core i7-5600U Processor (4MB Cache, up to 3.20GHz)
                - Windows 8.1 64
                - Windows 8.1 64 - WE MUI
                - 15.6" FHD (1920 x 1080), with WWAN
                - NVIDIA Quadro K620M 2GB
                - 16GB PC3-12800 DDR3L (1 SoDIMM)
                - ThinkPad New Precision Backlit Keyboard with Number Pad UK English
                - UltraNav (TrackPoint and TouchPad) with Fingerprint Reader
                - 720p HD Camera
                - 500GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm, 2.5"
                - ThinkPad Battery 3 cell Li-Polymer (44Whr) Front
                - ThinkPad Battery 3 cell Li-Ion (23.2Whr) Rear
                - 65W AC Adapter - UK
                - Intel 7265 AC/B/G/N Dual Band Wireless + Bluetooth Version 4.0
                - Integrated Mobile Broadband upgradable
                - Publication - WE (FR/GE/IT/DU/EN)
                - 3 Year On-site