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Cease Connection Collision Resolution

Question asked by rgreer001 on Oct 16, 2014
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My company operates a few modest call centers.  We have a MPLS connections for primary voice connectivity with DMVPN over the Internet for failover.  We have a new center which opened without the DMVPN failover.  Naturally, the MPLS network hiccupped with the CCCR message.  Our provider sent this copy / paste:


We are showing that the port did change states today. The last error in the PE router is Cease (Connection Collision Resolution):
In general, it means that both peers successfully established a TCP connection, and one connection was closed. This happens from time to time and does not indicate a problem. 

If a pair of BGP speakers try to establish a BGP connection with each other simultaneously, then two parallel connections well be formed.  If the source IP address used by one of these connections is the same as the destination IP address used by the other, and the destination  IP address used by the first connection is the same as the source IP address used by the other, connection collision has occurred. In the event of connection collision, one of the connections MUST be closed.


From their chair, not a problem.  From my chair, we dropped calls.


Is there an architectural restructure or better protocol or unused feature to mitigate the possibility of this happening again?


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