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Error While Putting an Agent from Consult Call On-Hold

Question asked by absaar.javed on Oct 13, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by dlender

I have a following scenario in an external web application using finesse web-services APIs:


  1. I am logged in to finesse with extension 1122
  2. I have received a new call from let say 12345
  3. I Answered that call
  4. I initiated a Consult Call to let say 6789
  5. The Agent on the other side Answered the call
  6. I am now put to HOLD and Agent 6789 is active


Now if I try to put Agent with extension  6789 On-Hold, I get an Error that ERROR WHILE PUTTING 1122 on HOLD.

So in short the Put-on-Hold request is being sent on behalf of 1122 extension, which is my extension, on on-behalf of

6789 which is the Consulted agent and intended to be put on-hold.

I have checked that in On-Hold API request AGENT ID & AGENT PASSWORD are those of my account, and Extension

is the CONSULTED one.

Kindly point out if there is an issue with my request' or how can I resolve this issue.


Absaar Javed