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Jabber + Sandbox - where to begin

Question asked by mark.kilby on Oct 6, 2014
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Am trying to get the Jabber demo going using a sandbox environment for CUPS.


E.g. as explained here: Video: Use the Jabber IM Core APIs - Cisco Developer Community


I've successfully got connected to a sandbox environment "Collaboration 10.5 Lab" over the VPN per supplied in the email.


Scenario as follows:

  • Local web server running on my machine
  • Demo jabber application is deployed to this local web server
  • Proxy configured to relay Jabber requests from my web server to sandbox
  • VPN sandbox connection established with CUPS in the environment


In the 'sandbox server view' I can see a server that suggests it looks like the CUPS host (


When I run the web application up and try to login I get an exception.


First issue is I don't have any user IDs for Jabber - documented suggests a set would be emailed to me but obviously not.


Secondly I'm unsure the configuration for the host is configured correctly:


Inside "basic-chat.html" I have:

var demoConfig = {

domain: "", //the domain specified for your CUP server

httpBindingURL: "http://localhost:8080/httpbinding", //the BOSH url for your server

unsecureAllowed: true //unsecureAllowed should be true if plaintext authentication is allowed over unencrypted or unsecured HTTP channels



On my proxy I'm forwarding anything mathing 'httpbinding' to this endpoint:


Am pretty certain the proxy is working because I can issue REST requests to a separate server we have on our site.


Appreciate any help here. As I've run out of things to try.