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How to find  CUCM URL from a CEC User Id

Question asked by sbejawad on Oct 6, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2014 by gcheria

Hi Team,


     I am from DFT Team , we are building Click To Video solution from browser. We were able to establish video call between Browser and phone.


Steps we followed to make video call:


1. User will logged into our application using CEC Id and password .

2. We picked up user's CUCM url from popup after providing userid and password's from java program(We mimic the browser call from program).

3. Using this CUCM url we were able to identify the TFTP server IPs and host names using UDS Query API.

4. We are able to establish the video call from the browser to a phone using above information and Jabber SDK API(CWIC).


Question/Problem:   Our application is no longer required User id and passwords. It's going to use OAuth and we will be having only CEC User id. Is there any way to identify the CUCM Url( pop up URL) using the CEC Id.?




Sivaganga Bejawada