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Outbound contact detail report

Question asked by andy.hslee on Sep 26, 2014
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I am using UCCX 10.5 with Finesse, works fine. I got a contact txt file with phone no. , import to the system normally. Then in the “Open Printable Report” it shows “0 Remaining Contacts”. Then I login to Finesse, the system make outbound call automatically (it is preview dialing mode agent based campaign). As the call is connected, I reclassify the call as “Voice/Fax/Busy/...etc”

I study all the outbound reports in CUIC. There is no one Outbound contact detail report, showing each call with “Account No, Phone no. , reclassify value, talking time”

Where can I find this kind of report? Or I must make it by script in UCCX editor? Or I should follow the UCCX developer guide by using REST API. But when I use REST API, I could only get a list of pending contact. Thanks for helping.