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History API Timeout and/or unexpected output

Question asked by joremkes on Sep 25, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2015 by joskin2006

Hi All,


We are working on MSE 7.6.120 to do some queries with the history API. We noticed two things:


- Sometimes there is no output and we receive a timeout message:


HTTP/1.1 502 Proxy Error

Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 09:57:08 GMT

Content-Length: 469

Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1




<title>502 Proxy Error</title>


<h1>Proxy Error</h1>

<p>The proxy server received an invalid

response from an upstream server.<br />

The proxy server could not handle the request <em><a href="/api/contextaware/v1/location/history/clients/">GET /api/contextaware/v1/location/history/clients/</a></em>.<p>

Reason: <strong>Error reading from remote server</strong></p></p>



is there any way to check the status of the API or do some throubleshooting?


Also it looks like the information we receive is incorrect. When we ask for the location of a specific mac address, the output shows information from a completely different mac address:


https://xxx:xxx@" -XGET -H "Accept: application/xml"


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><Locations totalPages="1" currentPage="1" pageSize="130"><WirelessClientLocation band="UNKNOWN" isGuestUser="false" dot11Status="PROBING" macAddress="24:fd:52:3f:f9:20" currentlyTracked="true" confidenceFactor="72.0" historyLogReason="NETWORK_STATUS_CHANGE"><MapInfo mapHierarchyString="xxxxxxxxxxx" floorRefId="731135946405183507"><Dimension length="1283.7926" width="1814.3044" height="32.8084" offsetX="0.0" offsetY="0.0" unit="FEET"/><Image imageName="domain_0_1291900693640.jpg"/></MapInfo><MapCoordinate x="1380.49" y="901.21" unit="FEET"/><Statistics currentServerTime="2014-09-25T15:34:11.111+0200" firstLocatedTime="2014-09-24T09:25:10.945+0200" lastLocatedTime="2014-09-24T09:25:20.231+0200"/><GeoCoordinate lattitude="52.3451202208" longitude="4.8900290063" unit="DEGREES"/></WirelessClientLocation>


We are expecting only information for mac address 54:e4:3a:23:df:b2


Any hints on what is going wrong here?


Thanks, Joep