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Supervisor monitoring of agents logged in from server-side client (via Finesse RESTful services)

Question asked by alan.mcdougall on Sep 25, 2014
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I have a Java application that currently uses the CTI Protocol to integrate to UCCX 8.5 for 3rd party call control.   However, one of the limitations of this is that agents logged in for via CTI Protocol are not available on Cisco Supervisor Desktop to monitor etc.  Another limitation is that there's no support for encrypting the agent username+password passed to UCCX.


We're evaluating upgrading and possibly moving to Finesse API for server-side 3rd party call control, using the RESTful API, but would like to understand any limitations of doing this, compared with functionality available in CAD + CSD.


I've had a look at a couple of pages/documents around this (mainly Cisco Finesse 10.5 Data Sheet - Cisco), but some things aren't stated explicitly.


Is anyone able to confirm the following questions?

  1. Are the Finesse API and UCCE/UCCX versions tied to each other?  ie, if we wanted to install Finesse v10.5, would this necessitate upgrading to UCC(E/X) 10.5 as well?   I'm sure it's recommended, but is it mandated for support?
  2. Is there a document that lists which features of Finesse are supported on UCCE versus UCCX?  The link above hints at it, but doesn't go into any details.
  3. I assume there's support for encrypting the data being passed over the Finesse APIs (ie, adding certificates to both the server/client for the RESTful API/Notification service)?
  4. If an agent was logged-in via the server-based client using the REST API only (and not CAD / Finesse Desktop), would all functionality still be available through Cisco Supervisor Desktop?   ie, could a supervisor still monitor and update agent availability etc?    Or does the CSD still rely on the Calabrio API updates to provide this functionality?
  5. Does the Finesse Desktop replicate all supervisor functionality from CSD in the supervisor 'call control gadget'?   The link above states "Provides supervisors added control with barge and intercept".  I assume this includes silent monitoring.  Are there any other features available in CSD which are not supported with the Finesse Desktop?   (and again, does it make a difference if agents are logged-in via Finesse API and supervisors via Finesse Desktop?)


Thanks in advance for any information that can be provided.