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NEW features in Prime Collaboration Assurance 10.5 Log Collection Center & Call Signaling Analyzer

Question asked by ksaheta on Sep 10, 2014

Hello Team;


Recently in PRIME Collaboration Assurance 10.5, Cisco introduced two new features to simplify troubleshooting

end to end call-flows across Unified communications & Contact center deployments.


  • Log Collection Center
  • Call Signaling Analyzer

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Guide - Advanced, 10.5 - Analyzing Call Signaling [Cisco Prime Collaboration] - …

Cisco Services and Prime Product Development is currently looking for additional input and feedback from Partners and Customers, on the Prime Collaboration Signaling Analyzer and associated modules. This includes customers with experience using Real Time monitoring too, who are considering migrating to PRIME or may have already migrated to PRIME.This feedback will be used to:

  • Evaluate usage models of the new functionality in PRIME.
  • Identify potential enhancements that would enable easier troubleshooting of end-to-end call flows.
  • Plan the development roadmap to (potentially) provide support for additional UC solution components.

Ideally, we would like to get feedback from Partners and Customers with direct (hands-on) experience with PRIME to manage their Cisco UC Solutions.Specific feedback on the following questions is needed:

  • How easy was it to start using the two new features (Log Collection Center & Call Signaling Analyzer) within Prime Collaboration Assurance 10.5  ?
  • Does Prime Collaboration Assurance (PCA) simplify troubleshooting a multi-leg call traversing multiple UC components ?
  • Currently, Call Signaling Analyzer advanced mode can analyze logs received from the following Unified Communications components:

- UCCE 9.x and later

- CVP 9.x and later

- CUCM 9.x and later

- IOS Gateways 15.1(4)M and later    

Are there components would you like to see supported by the Call Analyzer ?

  • Any other feedback relevant to the Log Collection Center and Call Signal Analyzer features would be greatly appreciated.


The Cisco Services team would also welcome an opportunity to discuss your input on these items directly.  Please let me know if you would be willing to participate in a discussion on these features and I’ll arrange a call.


Your feedback on these questions is valuable for the ongoing development of these features.

Thank you for taking your time to respond to this survey.




Kamal Saheta

Product Manager

Cisco Services