Succesful interoperability experiences between the CUBE and Third Party systems/SIP Trunk Providers

Discussion created by cesar.fiestas on Aug 26, 2009
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Hello Members,


Since a Succesful SIP Interoperability Repository between Cisco and third party systems and SIP Trunk Providers doesn't seen to exist in the internet, I would like to dedicate this entire thread to the cause. Hence I would like to ask you to post your succesful Interoperability Experiences between your Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) and a Third Party System or a SIP Trunk Provider.

When entering your comments please consider entering the following information:


-Topology, ie  [UCM 7.x]---H323---[CUBE]---SIP----SIPTRUNKPROVIDER        or   [SIPTRUNKPROVIDER]--SIP--CUBE---PRI----[LegacyPBX]

-Name of the SIP Trunk to the PSTN provider (if applicable)

-Name, model, OS, version of the legacy PBX (if applicable)

-CUBE Config (!!! Dont forget to change/replace IP's and delete any sensitive information related to your organization network)

-ISR model/IOS Version

-Brief description of your experience such as while implementing/configuring your CUBE did you encounter dtmf issues? calling feature issues?, etc




                                             :::::::::::::::Your contribution to the group will be greatly appreciated:::::::::::::::



                                                                                                                                                                        Cesar Fiestas