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Cisco Prime Collaboretion Provisioning 10.5 LDAP Autoprovisioning

Question asked by macieknowak on Sep 4, 2014



I am configuring the Prime Provisioning on customer site.

I have problem with LDAP synchronizatioan. I would like to use LDAP synchroznization on Provisioning and put the users to CUCM as LDAP user.

I aslo would like to use autoprovisioning for IM servise only for emplyee role.

I have done all steps from wizard. The LDAP is workong OK on Provisionini ( I see user in Provisioning user tab), but I don't see the user in CUCM.

I only can manual order servises but in this situation I see the user in CUCM as a local user.

I tried on greenfield and brownfield innstalation the results are the same I see the users from LDAP in CPCP but i don't see users in CUCM.

Could you help me?


Thanks in advance