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How can we get distance that a caregiver will have to go to reach the patient?

Question asked by reena00011 on Sep 4, 2014

Using Cisco's location tracking API (MSE API) is there a way to know/calculate the distance that a client identified to be at LocationA will have to travel to reach patient at LocationB. (Both in same hospital)


My concern is when we calculate the distance between 2 coordinates (mathematically) it will be length of straight line joining the 2 coordinates. However in reality, distance to travel between 2 points need not be a straight line. For e.g. if care giver is in RoomA and patient is in roomB, consider RoomA and B share a common wall then distance between the 2 rooms would be very minimal. But in reality, it is possible that one room entrance faces north and other south, which means for the caregiver to go from one room to other, he will have to go out and probably walk in the hallway take a turn to reach the RoomB door that opens South.

Basically, the point I wish to bring out is I am interested in the distance (effectively time) that caregiver would take to reach the patient.


Mathematical calculation can get more inaccurate if the provider and patient are in different floors/buildings.