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Not able to get Queue Name using "GetQueue" API function

Question asked by ravindra999 on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2014 by dlender

I am working on gadget which requires to pass the " Agent  assigned skill group names" to another webservice call.  For that I am trying to get agent skill names using getQueues , but the function getName() is not returning  name of the queue.  Appreciate if anyone has some sample code to get the queue name. 


Here is snippet of my code



_handleQueueLoaded = function(){

   alert("There are " + agentq.length + " queues for this user."); //returns number of queues assigned

     var agentqCollection = agentq.getCollection(),

       queues = [], id, name1, queueInfo, queueRest, data;

     for (id in agentqCollection) {

        queueInfo = agentqCollection[id];

        alert(queueInfo.getName());  //  not able to get name of the skill group name - Failing all the time..

  //As per api, getName() should return the skill group name, but I am not able to get it.





handleUserLoad = function (userevent) {

         agentq = user.getQueues( {

    onLoad : _handleQueueLoaded,

    onError : _handleQueueError






Thanks in advance,