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ErrorParsingResponseFromPDP messages

Question asked by on Aug 26, 2014
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I've been using CURRI for some months with CUCM 8.6.2, mostly just logging, but we've started to use it to block reported nuisance calls.


We've just updated to CUCM 10.5 and I'm now seeing what appear to be cosmetic ErrorParsingResponseFromPDP messages in the CUCM logs.


In 8.6.2, there was a cosmetic error that appeared to be complaining about an empty cixml continue, so my decision=permit / no modification responses were:







      <Obligation FulfillOn="Permit" ObligationId="urn:cisco:xacml:policy-attribute">

        <AttributeAssignment AttributeId="Permit.continue">

           <AttributeValue DataType=""/>







Having upgraded to 10.5, I'm now seeing the following error messages in response to a permit / no-obligation.

  • 'ErrorParsingResponseFromPDP'
  • ' Invalid announcement Id, PDP decision is Continue.'
  • 'Unified CM failed to parse one or multiple optional elements or attributes in the call routing response from the policy decision point'


I've tried putting in a blank cixml continue:

<AttributeValue DataType="">&lt;cixml version="1.0"&gt;&lt;continue/&gt;&lt;/cixml&gt;</AttributeValue>


And I've tried adding in an obligation:

<AttributeValue DataType="">&lt;cixml version="1.0" id="continue"&gt;&lt;continue&gt;&lt;modify callingName="Matt Mobile"/&gt;&lt;/continue&gt;&lt;/cixml&gt;</AttributeValue>



But the strange error message persists (it's also mixing terminology.. surely the PDP decision is "Permit" not "Continue").