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Ability to secure/encrypt messages sent using UCCX CTI Protocol

Question asked by alan.mcdougall on Aug 26, 2014
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Shifting this question from previous post in incorrect forum: (Ability to secure/encrypt messages sent using UCCX CTI Protocol)


I have a 3rd-party Java application which communicates to UCCX 8.5 via the CTI Protocol.  This has been previously developed, and is working successfully.


As part of this, it creates a socket connection to UCCX.  I've been looking through the docs (CTI Protocol Developer Guide and Administration Guide), but I don't see a way to secure the socket connection (ie, by adding security certificates).


My questions are:

1. Is there a Cisco-supported way to secure the socket connection?

2. What is the name of the component/service on UCCX that manages the port that the CTI Protocol connects to?

3. What documents/guides should I be looking in to find information on the administration of the port that the CTI Protocol connects to?

4. If there is no Cisco-supported mechanism for securing this, can the community suggest other alternative approaches?  I had thought of using something like stunnel, but don't know if anything in UCCX relies on the original source IP address.


Apologies for the slightly newbie questions, I'm familiar with the development side of CTI, rather than administering the UCCX server...





Update 1:  Note, I've found the UCCX port utilisation guide (, and from this I'm assuming it's the UCCX 'CTI Server' is the component name that binds to the port.  This still doesn't indicate anything around separate secured ports, and the administration guide doesn't have anything either, apart from the fact the default port number is read-only and not editable.


Update 2:  I initially posted this message in an incorrect forum, and user Raghavendra Gutty Veeranagappa pointed me towards the link below.  Unless I'm missing something, this doesn't appear to satisfy my ultimate requirement to secure the CTI Protocol messages for network transmission?

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Installation Guide Release 9.0(1) - Postinstallation tasks [Cisco Unified Contact C…